Terraces and awnings


Concrete terraces and awnings

Ideal if you live in an apartment on the first floor to have a nice terrace with or without a prefap awning canopy. Concrete is a great product to give a stable and sturdy add-on to your apartment or building an aesthetic and financial added value.

Antwerp – Erik Sasse

Realization of a building block with 120 social housing units.


Terraces and awnings, facade borders, and precast slabs in black concrete.

Hechtel-Eksel – CH Den Boogerd

Terraces and awnings in gray concrete.


6 residential blocks in white concrete.


Residential building equipped with terraces and awnings in gray concrete.


This comprehensive project in Asse was meticulously handled. You can find concrete columns, terraces, awnings…


These concrete terraces and awnings for a project in Aalter were carefully matched in color to the desi…


This beautiful new construction project in Puurs was equipped with lovely concrete terraces and awnings.


These apartments in Maldegem received that extra touch with concrete terraces, awnings, panels…

Lummen – CH Melderthof

This extensive project in Lummen could also be equipped with concrete terraces and columns…


In the center of Mol, you’ll find a modern apartment complex with some beautiful concrete terraces…

Antwerp – Linkeroever

This building on the Linkeroever also had to be equipped with concrete terraces, awnings, panels…


This apartment complex in Tienen was realized with matching concrete terraces and awnings…


This building in Wezembeek was realized with terraces and facade borders from Qulaco…


In the midst of nature in Wijnegem stands a beautifully renovated building in which we had the opportunity to collaborate…


Qulaco provided the various concrete terraces and awnings for this apartment complex in Middelkerke.


For this project in Elsene, we created beautiful concrete terraces and awnings that perfectly matched the design…


For this project in Herent, we were responsible for the various terraces and awnings, as well as the panels and facades…


For this project in Lommel, we created beautiful concrete terraces and awnings that perfectly matched the design…


For this project in Zaventem, we made concrete terraces with a unique shape and awnings that fully matched the different…


Decking with edging

Gent – Vogelenzang

To keep the entire wooden structure of the wooden-built terraces in the rear facade in place, …

Anderlecht – La Laiterie


Diest – Koeveld


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