Special customization


Concrete is a versatile product that can easily be molded into the most peculiar shapes. The surfaces can also be finished in many different ways in the concrete.

Qulaco only supplies custom work, which is why the possibilities to obtain a unique piece are virtually endless and can be fine-tuned to your liking.


The beautiful round electrical substation with an elegant arched roof edge…


For the restoration of a protected building, we provided a replacement part…


A project with custom stairs and also room for personalized customization? That’s what this example in V…

Ghent – Tondelier

Residential building – Balustrade railings – Special customization.

Gent Sint-Pieters Station

For the construction of new platforms, we are in the process of producing and delivering 1,250 linear meters for the upcoming years…


For our new office in Tessenderlo, we created a concrete conference table.


Concrete structures as decoration and furnishings for a garden are entirely possible. This project proves that..

Everberg – Youth institution

The edge of the sports field at the youth institution in Everberg was adorned with beautiful concrete structures that…


For this public project in Bruges, we constructed a nice seating area in a gray concrete structure that fits within…


Street furniture in gray concrete.


For this apartment complex in Herent, we were responsible for the construction of a beautiful concrete…


For a public city park in Evergem, we have created a custom-made gem of a project. The addition…

Zaventem – Fire stations airport

For Brussels Airport, we had the privilege of supplying the roof elements for the 2 new fire stations…

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