Panels and curbs


Concrete panels and curbs

Panels and façade borders are easy to adjust in terms of color, finish and design. Qulaco uses this application for high-quality concrete facade elements. These panels and façade borders give a building a beautiful appearance that is coordinated as desired with all other materials that are incorporated in the façade. Due to the given customization, a building always becomes unique, which only increases the added value.

Delhaize Antwerp

Panels and facade borders in grey concrete.


Renovation of an existing building – roof borders in gray concrete.


Terraces and canopies, facade borders, and precast concrete slabs in black concrete.

Antwerp – Erik Sasse

Realization of a building block with 120 social housing units.

Bruges – Music Center The Cactus

Panels, facade borders, and stairs. Panels with continuous wave structure in gray concrete.


6 residential blocks in white concrete.


Private practice and residence with panels in gray concrete


Residential building in white concrete.


Residential building equipped with precast slabs and edges in gray concrete.

Everberg Youth Institution

For an extensive project on a large building, Qulaco provided all the facade edges in white concrete.


These apartments in Maldegem got that extra touch with concrete terraces, canopies, panels…

Lummen – CH Melderthof

This extensive project in Lummen was also enhanced with concrete terraces, a canopy…

Antwerp – Linkeroever

This building on Linkeroever also had to be equipped with those beautiful concrete terraces, canopies, panels, and…


This building in Wezembeek also fell victim to Qulaco. Concrete panels and facade edges to protect you…

Lanaken – CH Ludinaca

A fantastically beautiful building simply needs fantastic concrete panels and facade edges…


In the midst of nature in Wijnegem stands a beautifully renovated building to which we…


We have finished this beautiful building in Aalst to perfection with lovely concrete…


Beautiful curved facade edges.


For this project in Herent, we were responsible for the various terraces and canopies, as well as the panels and…


A project with custom-made stairs and also room for personalized customization? That’s what this example in Vilv…

Antwerp – Koffienatie

Columns and facade edges in an office building…

Gent – IVV

Extension to an existing building


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