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Quote and order

  • The agreement will start when the quote is signed, hereby the client will give his approval conform the conditions
  • The quote is at all time to be seen as a proposal based on the information that is made available by client. Unknown details , changes in details, fluctuations in prices of materials can have price consequences at all times
  • All quotes remain valid for 30 days



  • Included in the quote is the design of the project and a one-off round of changes. Further changes or interventions on-site that are not at the expense of Qulaco bv will be charged a ratio 60€/hour
  • The design and drawings will be made based on the information given at the time of the placing of the order. It is the contractors responsibility to supply the latest execution drawings
  • The design and drawings are only  a guideline that Qulaco uses to produce the elements. The contractor is responsible for check op of : Quantity, surface finishing’s, water drainage, anti slip ,shape and measurements.
  • Rebar drawings will also be made, these have to be checked by the engineer and given a written approval, calculations of rebar is never included
  • Calculation notes on suspended elements will be supplied by Qulaco bv via the supplier appointed by Qulaco
  • Approval on drawings is to be given by sending back signed drawings. If drawings are approved without signed approval, Qulaco will send back the drawings with approval dates and placed in production, if within 8 calendar days no remarks are given, the drawings will be without a doubt be seen as good for production
  • If the slope in the mould is to be taken out on request of client, Qulaco will have the right to charge a supplement taking in account the extra materials and labor needed
  • Extreme basic big changes in the first design will also be charged at the same rate as the other changes
  • Drawings of sills and small elements will only be made after client gives definitive details. Changes in basic shape, division of elements made on these elements due to lack of information given by client, will be charged
  • Changes after approval will be charges a ratio of 5€/drawing


Production terms and delivery dates

  • Delivery terms in agreement client/Qulaco, changes in planning and delivery can under no circumstances be a reason for cancellation of the project, or compensations or any kind



  • Delivery will be in consultation, at a given date and time on the address given by client. Unless explicitly asked, all transport is without a crane, only a flat bed trailer, client is responsibly for unloading. Hereby the client is deemed to be informed of the weight and all other characteristics of  the elements that are being delivered. Extra waiting time for whatever reason will be charged  a ratio 70€/hour. Transport fees are always given separate and are not Franco
  • Take out by client or third party’s is possible in agreement on date and time. Waiting time during pickup can never be charged to Qulaco bv



  • Materials delivered have to be checked before  unloading, remarks on defects after unloading will be for client. After unloading the client is deemed to take care of the elements in a decent way
  • Elements remain property of Qulaco Bv, even after failing of the company, until the elements are paid for 100%
  • Sills, cover stones and other small elements where no lifting anchors are allowed on topside  will not be turned upside down by Qulaco. Unless agreed upon otherwise all elements will be delivered upside down



  • Elements that remain in storage in Qulaco for more than 1 month after delivery date agreed upon, a stock fee will be charged of 80€/week



  • In case of protest or refusal on elements or invoices, a signed registered letter needs to be send within 8 calendar days. if not send like this, complaint will not be accepted . complaint will not be a valid reason to refuse payment



  • Invoices are, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, payable 30 days invoice date. If payment isn’t completed within these terms, a delay interest of 12%/year will be charged; by operation of law and without notice of default. It is hereby expressly agreed that the buyer shall automatically owe 10% of the invoice amount by way of conventional compensation without notice of default, in the event of non-payment on the due date
  • All prices in all quotes are exclusive of VAT, with a minimum unit 1 (Lm/m²/m³/..) . collected in Tessenderlo, where the biggest lengths and/or withs are valid
  • Isotec/isokorb, suspension and fastening systems are always purchased by Qulaco and are fully invoiced with the first invoice for the construction site after the first delivery of elements


Finished product

  • Finished elements may have slight color shade variations, small holes from nails, shrinkage hairline cracks. The finished product is made with BENOR and CE approved raw materials. The finished product does not carry BENOR label, but it does carry the CE label. Qulaco bv is not connected to FEBELARCH
  • Concrete with pigment does not carry the BENOR label
  • Visible shading due to incidence of light can never be a reason to reject elements
  • Formwork seams can never be a reason to reject elements
  • Sloped sides needed for demoulding can never be a reason to reject elements
  • Markings from storage plates is inherent in the processing of concrete and cannot be a reason for rejection of elements
  • ‘’afgestreken’’ sides are considered to be invisible, complaints about the quality of these surfaces are by no means accepted
  • Sills and cover stones , unless otherwise specified are made with an ‘’afgestreken’’ bottom side



  • Mistakes in the execution of which can be proven that they can be charged to Qulaco bv fall within our liability. Liability is always limited to the invoice amount. Defects on collapsed parts supplied by suppliers can never beheld liable on Qulaco, no form of legal prosecution applies



  • In case of disputes, only the courts of Hasselt have jurisdiction under Belgian law


All quotes remain valid for 30 days.

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