About Us

Our team of professionals have a commitment to excellence in manufacturing, making it our mission to produce products of the highest quality, setting the standard for building structures that lasts


Thanks to our flexibility, we are able to tailor our production to the planning of our customers. This allows us to always deliver on time so that the customer is not delayed.


Our entire production is subject to an internal control system, through which we are able to deliver high-quality products to the customer.


We ensure continuous and up-to-date communication with the customer throughout the course of the projects. As a result, the customer is always aware of the progress within his project.


Our team of highly skilled employees is key to our success. We are constantly trying to improve to give our clients the best possible products. This all begins with the people we assign to complete your project. We make sure to hire people that are not only extremely qualified, but also fit into our team on a personal level. Thus, we can confidently say that you will be dealing with the right person to complete your project, produce your products or simply to inquire about our services.

Roy Quinten

Tekenwerk en algemeen

tel: 0494 626 794

mail: roy@qulaco.be

Jan Latet

Production, planning and invoicing

tel: 0468 102 213

mail: jan@qulaco.be

Peter De Bruin

Draftsman and general inquiries

tel: 014 73 87 23

mail: peter@qulaco.be