3D Design

We believe in an up-to-date collaboration that is appropriate for the times in which we are. In an evolving construction world where there is a great demand for digitization, we therefore provide an appropriate solution to accommodate our customers. For this reason, all our projects work in a 3D environment


Design Model

On the one hand, we all make our models in a 3D environment to make our designs easier, clearer and more visual. This enables us to filter out design errors during design and thus minimize the burden of error in production. This means that production can be more streamlined, and that our deliveries can take place smoothly and on time

Design Model

On the other hand, our 3D design also has many advantages for our customers. They can revoke our 3D model in a BIM environment and with this you can visually check, re-measure, check 90% of the whole in the BIM file.
Customers who do not work in a BIM environment can request visualisations and visualize difficult situations with difficult construction nodes. conflicts with 2D architecture and stability plans also become clear during the design, so that a correction of the conflict can take place on time at the site


In order to give our customers a well-organized whole, we also work out all reinforcement plans so that incomplete or incorrect reinforcement drawings become a thing of the past

Design Reinforcement

Our 3D design of the reinforcement has the advantage that we can supply the correctly drawn data to both engineer, customer and reinforcement supplier on which everyone can fulfill their task. The complete bending states and folding models that are pulled 2D from our models are therefore an added value for everyone to achieve a technically correct whole